Norman & DeeDra

Dear Christine,   Although it has been seven months since Astro moved our household from Wakefield, RI to New Bern, NC, I want to very belatedly express our appreciation for the opportunity to work with your company and to just say "Thank you". On the morning of December 11, 2014 Justin Briggs and his crew arrived at our home and began the daunting task of packing up our belongings from the house, the garage, and a storage unit in Peace Dale.  We were very impressed with the professionalism and expediency of this team and it was clear Justin had the experience to know what needed to be done, how and in what sequence.  It was truly a fine ballet, and on three different stages! Justin and Mike arrived at our North Carolina address on the morning of December 13 and very efficiently moved what was needed into this short term rental condo off the truck; the remainder of our belongings were driven a short distance away to another storage unit. Again, we were impressed with the professionalism and courteous manner exhibited by these capable representatives of your company.  They also had a great sense of humor which was particularly helpful given this somewhat stressful time during our relocation to another state. I also want to mention that is was a pleasure to work with you. The assistance you offered in the estimate of our costs and with making all the necessary arrangements for our moved were very much appreciated. We have just purchased our new home in New Bern, NC and although the movers we contracted with to move us from the condo and storage unit to the new house were equally professional; and a pleasure to work with, my husband and I commented on how we would have liked to work with Justin and his crew again.  This is what prompted me to write this letter even after all this time that has past since working with Astro. My husband and I owned a retail and service business for 29 years in Rhode Island.  We know very well it is more likely that you hear complaints from people who are unhappy than from those who are happy with your work.  That's why we wanted to let you know we were pleased with our experience with your company and would certainly be comfortable if you wanted to share our thoughts in any testimonials or references you feel appropriate. Sincerely, Norman and Deedra
Astro of New England Moving and Storage