Hi Chuck, I just wanted to say that today's move was beyond my expectation even though I have used you a couple of times before, all of my friends have always been satisfied. This crew was exceptional. And they traded guys half way thru the day! This has been an especially tough move for me as my husband has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. I've had, plus having the entire house packed up by myself with 4 children to take care of. These guys not only moved efficiently, they made me feel like family, and were a bright spot to my day. This should be a happy day normally but I was sort of miserable with him being in the hospital. I don't think I even had every box packed the right way   But they were patient and joking while my children were underfoot while they were moving heavy stuff!  And I swore my daughter wasn't allowed to bother them to rearrange her room but they did without a thought. I will continue to recommend but even more sincerely on my experiences today. Thank you to your entire team, Vanessa P.