Boxes & Cartons

Dish Barrels:

This heavy duty carton carton can be used for china and dishes, crystal and glassware and other fragile items. Remember to use plenty of crumbled newsprint between items to keep them from shifing inside the box. Aproximate size 18″x18″x28″

Wardrobe Cartons:

This “portable closet” keep your clothes hanging and free from wrinkles while in transit. You’ll be able to stuff the bottom with shoes and other accessories to utilize the space. Aproximate size 24″x21″x47″

Mirror Cartons:

As the name implies, this box is used for mirrors and pictures. These boxes are telescoping to fit most any size item. Several boxes can be combined to increase the capacity.

Mattress Cartons:

Available in queen/king, double, single (twin) and crib. You will need one each for mattress and box springs.

Book Boxes:

Also known as 1.5 cubic foot carton. It’s perfect for books, cd’s, photos albums, videotapes/dvd’s and small heavier items. Approximate size 16″x13″x13″

Linen Boxes:

Also known as 3.1 cubic foot carton. Ideal for linens, pots, pans, toys and also good for lighter bulky items. Approximate size 18″x18″x16″

4.5 Cubic Foot Cartons:

For bulky items such as linens, towels and large toys. Be carefull not to “overload” this carton making it too heavy to handle. Approximate size 24″x18″x18″

6.0 Cubic Foot Cartons:

For large bulky items such as pillows and large lampshades. Provide plenty of crumbled newsprint around items to prevent shifting of your items inside the box. Approximate size 24″x18″x24″